Mary Beth Lynn 

Your Luxury Romance Travel Consultant

As I prepared to get married, my Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management and Tourism,  combined with my industry connections led us to our perfect honeymoon experience and I fell completely in love with all-inclusive vacations. From the sweet smile Isabel greeted us with every morning at breakfast, to the friendly conversations with Eloisa as she brought us tropical drinks to our beach cabana on the white powdery beach, the entire week was more than perfect - it was magical.

 I’ll never forget our last day, my husband Robbie and I watched the afternoon fade away as we stood in the beautiful infinity pool with our drinks in hand, looking out over the shimmering white sand and clear blue waters, we knew we had to come back! It had been a honeymoon with no worries. We were just able to relax and enjoy being together after all of the wedding stress. As the sun began to set, we talked about how we never wanted to leave and wished we could stay even longer. It seemed impossible that we would ever be able to return, but years later we are so thankful that we have returned again and again to create more memories just like this.

This experience and my expertise led me to a career that I couldn’t love more. I truly believe it is my calling to ensure couples find their perfect match for their next romantic escape. Today I work with couples that are looking to create an experience that fits their own love story. I’m able to draw from my extensive first hand experiences and from my network of travel partners to ensure that couples are able to find an option that truly is as unique as their story.

My Story

What I can promise you is your romantic trip deserves to not just be great, but perfectly matched. 

One where you talk about those special moments -- where you wish time would stand still forever.

These special moments together are fleeting and my job is to help ensure that you travel somewhere that they can happen.

Ready to stop dreaming about your next romantic getaway and start planning your vacation, whether it’s a trip to a tropical paradise or a European River Cruise along the scenic Danube or the romantic Rhine?

If so, I invite you to set up your complimentary consultation call now!


Where will your story take you?